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Installation Instructions

Adamo Island Saddles, LLC is the newest offering from ISM, the leader in modern saddle design. Created for the casual rider, in-door stationary bike training, and the e-bike rider, Adamo Island Saddles offer all-day comfort, outstanding performance, and unapparelled health benefits. We have 23 years of experience designing the most comfortable bike saddles in the industry. Experience complete cycling enjoyment.


1. Improper adjustment of the saddle is the biggest cause of riding discomfort.

2. Your Adamo Island Saddle will need to be mounted lower and more rearward than your current seat. We recommend lowering your seat 5-15 mm (1/4 – 1/2 inch) and moving it rearward 5-8 cm (2-3 inches). Mark the current position on your seat post, move it back as recommended, and lower the post to the recommended 5-15 mm (1/4 – 1/2 inch). Retighten the clamp. Make sure the saddle is level to start. You may wish to fine-tune these adjustments later.

3. The picture below, on the left, illustrates the proper leg extension you should have while riding your Adamo Island Saddle. The picture on the right shows the improper leg extension. Note the pedal is in the lowest position.

4. Make sure all the bolts are properly tightened before riding.

5. Enjoy the comfort of your new Adamo Island Saddle. If you have any questions please contact Adamo Island Saddles, LLC, 813-909-1441 for a service person.

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