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About Us

Remember your first bike, your first ride and the feeling of total freedom to explore? You probably didn’t even consider bicycle saddle discomfort. It was there! You felt it, but there wasn’t much you could do about it. It was part of the experience although an unpleasant experience. You must now be thinking there HAS to be a better bike seat (or you wouldn’t be on our website). You have landed in the right spot as there are new and modern alternatives to eliminate the pain and numbness of traditional bike seats. It’s time to upgrade yourself and perfect your cycling experience. An Adamo Island Saddle allows you to experience the joy again. Ride in total comfort and fall in love with cycling all over again. Our bike seats will make you smile. After all, “Adamo” is Latin for pleasure.

We are cyclists ourselves. Our staff ranges from enthusiasts, commuters, racers, and casual weekend riders. We have built a better option for bike riders and we want everyone to know you can exercise with a smile on your face instead of standing up every 15 minutes to get the blood flowing. Adamo Island Saddles, LLC is a subsidiary of ISM Saddles, LLC focusing on the leisure, casual and recreational bicycle rider. Adamo Island Saddles provides a comfortable safe and healthy cycling experience. Get up, get out and ride your bike!