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Accessibility Statement

Adamo Island Saddles has taken all reasonable measures to help ensure our website can be used properly and easily by visually impaired users. This includes ensuring that the contrast of elements is adequate, text and navigation can be identified and conveyed by screen readers, images are effectively described by alt text attributes, and that form fields are properly labeled.

However, maintaining a website that is highly-usable for visually impaired users is a moving target as content is added and modified regularly and web technology is constantly evolving. We employ all reasonable measures to comply with WCAG2.1 guidelines and current best practices, but we also rely on the feedback of users to alert us of any other issues they may uncover.

We make an effort to only use accessible code, themes, plugins, and third-party applications. However, since the developers of these products have sole access to the source code to make any accessibility modifications, there may be areas that we unable to remediate.

We continue to monitor, assess, and modify our website on an ongoing basis to help meet the needs of our visually impaired users. However, if you have difficulty accessing or using any part of our website, please let us know so we can improve that, both for you and for other visually impaired users.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to call us at 813-279-2449.