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It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the park, the beach, or just tooling around the neighborhood—you want a comfortable saddle, right? We agree! The way we see it, the words “cruise” and “comfort” should go together when talking about bikes. That’s why we created Adamo Island saddles.

Nothing puts the brakes on an enjoyable ride faster than an uncomfortable seat. When all you can think about is your growing discomfort, it’s hard to stay focused on fun. That inspired us to solve this problem by revolutionizing our saddles.

Initially designed for e-bikes and pedal-assist bikes, our saddles are the epitome of comfort. They’re a fit for all types of bikes and riders. Using race-inspired technology, the ISM group designed our saddles with your comfort as a top priority!

Adamo Island Saddles give you the ride of your life every time you get on your bike. No more discomfort causing you to cut things short. Instead, the exhilaration you feel as you crest that hill may inspire you to keep going! And going, and…

Client Reviews

“The Adamo Island Reef saddle doesn’t look much different than the seat that came on my exercise bike but it feels so much better. Easy to install too.”


“I bought an Adamo Island Reef saddle to replace a worn out old seat and this is easily the most comfortable one I have ever planted my butt on!” 


“The Adamo Island bike saddle is wider and has more cushion built into the seat. I found it very comfortable and it made the bike ride even more enjoyable.”